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This STANDBY is not a rehearsal

5th December, 2003. 12:01 am.

If I pull that e-mail address today as re earlier conversation, then we'll probably see the numbers plummet as e-mail bounces.

But, I haven't been answering those e-mails, and, amazingly, we have more this week than we did last week!

Go figure.

- M

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29th November, 2003. 12:16 pm.

Done, and done.

Thanks for letting me have this one, guys.


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28th November, 2003. 8:41 pm.

OK, since our last thread quickly descended into yet another discussion about group sex... I'm starting a serious thread. Seriously!

Everyone chime in once (I'll do it, too), and stick to the following:

1. Your feelings about 3
2. Whether or not you think we've accomplished what we set out to do
3. Whether or not you think we should wrap it up at 200 days, and your reasons why, and if you vote no, state your alternate suggestion for an end date
4. If you vote yes, your suggestions for standby.

And that's all! I want to get this wrapped up today if possible, because obviously standby should start tomorrow if we agree on yes (which I think we probably do, but don't let that influence your vote).


Current mood: horny.

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28th November, 2003. 12:34 pm.

Guys, I have a proposition - I'm thinking it's time to move Train Wreck Number Three somewhere else. Ten day standby, anyone? Daily Soul Search, No. 27e+19 - Is two hundred a fair number?

Let's argue about it. :-)

- Isaak

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